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The Colors Of Chakra – How to Use Them in Your Life

Colors Of Chakra – Everyone knows that there are seven chakras in the human body. However, many people also know that there are at least twenty-eight chakras in total. This is because the number of chakras per body part has been widely acknowledged and its importance discussed. If you’re like most people, you probably believe the information regarding the number of chakras in your body is correct. But what if you knew there were more than that? What if you could see them? That’s right — Chakras are a universal symbol for subtle energy centers within us all. They can be pictured as white light beings which run through our bodies, connecting every organ and pore and the rest of the world around us. These chakras are also named after their most prominent location, such as the pituitary, pineal or sacral chakras. So let’s take a look at where each color chakra corresponds to on the physical level and what it means when we refer to it by name!

The Colors Of Chakra - How to Use Them in Your Life
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Colors Of Chakra - Understanding the Chakras

Colors Of Chakra – The chakras are subtle energy centers within us all. They are not only located in our bodies but also our subtle minds, our emotions and our sense of spiritual truth. They are what gives us life and what keeps us from “exiting”, like a car’s engine. The chakras are also what give us each our unique personalities and characteristics. They are like our blood vessels, carrying blood and nutrients to our bodies. When the chakras are healthy and working properly, you feel balanced, creative and happy. However, when one of the chakras is out of order or when it fails to function at a sufficient level, you feel stress and anxiety.

The Light Chakra

This is the center of the energy flow and consciousness in the human body. It is located on the forehead between the eyebrows. In Hindu Mythology, this is where the soul leaves the body after death, to travel to heaven’s gate. The Light Chakra is also referred to as the Sushumna or the Third Eye. It is the point where the Kundalini, or the spiritual energy, emerges from the Earth. When this happens, the person has achieved Enlightenment, i.e. he or she is “awakened”. The Light Chakra is the seat of all your spiritual light higher consciousness. It is the conduit for all your thoughts, feelings and desires. If this light energy gets blocked, you can’t get enough energy or happiness. You will feel unmotivated, unhappy, and even a little bit crazy.

This is the center of your creativity. It is located in the sacral area of the body. In Hindu Mythology, the area between the legs is considered to be the seat of creative energy. Here the power of the mind and the imagination create the world around us. Female creativity is believed to be more dominant than male one. This is why the sacral area is often depicted as a field of flowers or as the lush vegetation of a jungle. When the green chakra is active, you experience pleasure, contentment and joy. You are also likely to experience a state of tranquillity and a feeling of love. This is the most common color and shape chakra and is usually located in the lower back. However, it can also be found on the hips, the scalp, the breasts and other areas.

The Orange Color Chakra

This is the center of your sexuality and reproduction. It is located in the throat area and is referred to as the sexual organ. In Hindu Mythology, the sexual organ is considered to be the throat chakra. It is also referred to as the male organ and is believed to be the source of all creative energy. When the orange chakra is active, you feel joy, confidence and a desire to please. Your thoughts are playful, you are confident in your sexuality and you enjoy having lots of sex! This is the most common color and shape chakra and is usually located in the midsection.

The Red Color Chakra

This is the center of your emotions and self-esteem. It is located in the heart area and is also referred to as the emotional organ. This is what we feel when we are happy, sad or in love. The red color chakra is also believed to be the source of all our emotions. When the red chakra is active, you feel optimistic, happy, content and full of life. You also experience a calming effect which helps you to concentrate on what you want to do with your life. This is the most common color and shape chakra and is usually located in the lower back.


Colors Of Chakra – The seven chakras are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast amount of energy that exists in our bodies. They are just a small part of what makes us who we are. The chakras are much more than that. They are our source of power, our connection to the universe, our energy field and our door to the soul. They are like our solar system’s core. The chakras are where all the energy from the sun comes in. The colors represent the different aspects of the chakras and their connection to the body’s energy. When you understand these colors, you will be able to see the chakras in your body and others. The colors are also a way to describe the location and the energy of each chakra. For example, the color red represents the blood flow and the intensity of the chakra. The seven colors in the chakras represent the garment in our bodies. If you want to know more about the colors, their meaning and their effects, you can read this article.


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Colors Of Chakra - What Are The Chakra Colors And Their Meanings | Carol Tuttle

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