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How to Do Beaches Yoga at the Beach!

Beaches Yoga – Do you know that yoga practice makes you feel better physically, but also makes you feel more centered and grounded mentally? It’s the kind of practice where you’re like, “Ugh, I don’t want to do this but it’s so worth it!” And then a few days later, you realize that little voice in the back of your mind was right all along. You do need to start doing beached yoga because WHO KNOLLS BEACHES YOGA? We all know that going to the beach and doing yoga are two of the best ways to have a good time with your friends, catch some rays, and still get in shape at the same time (so long as you have a big group). But beaches yoga is even more fun than regular yoga — you can add some new moves into your routine without having to worry about looking like a wannabe acrobat. And who knows? Maybe one of these tips will help you get started!

How to Do Beaches Yoga at the Beach!
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Beaches Yoga - Beaches are where the action is!

Epic waves, wild sand, and delicious seafood. There’s nothing else to it! In fact, as a yogi who loves to travel and wants to find new ways to practice yoga, beached yoga is the best. You can’t just head to the beach and expect to get a full-on workout. But in beached yoga, you will get a full-on workout while the sand keeps you happy and safe. Plus, the seashore is a great place to go when you want to explore your feelings, especially if you’re having trouble sitting still.

Take a break and hydrate

If you’re an athlete or are prone to stress-related illness, you should avoid working out while you’re on your vacation. But for everyone else, relaxing with a drink or two on the beach is the perfect time to decompress. Sounds like a total win to me! If you’re not an athlete or don’t feel like you need to work out during your vacation, that’s fine! But you should at least try to hydrate yourself adequately. Choose a non-alcoholic beverage that you love and that you know will help you feel relaxed, such as herbal tea, water, or milk with a little honey. If you’re drinking more drinks than you should, don’t worry! It’s totally fine to down the popsicles or other treats as you relax — they’ll help you feel full and happy, just not as thirsty as you’d be while working out.

Stay on the beach and find a spot

Once you’ve relaxed a bit, it’s time to get serious and find a beach spot where you can practice your yoga. If you plan on practicing the full poses, you should probably find a spot within a few hundred yards of the dunes. That way, you won’t be too far from the action when you do flip-flops, bikinis, and other fun beachwear. But for a more passive experience, you can also check out this list of yoga spots in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Turn off your phone (and your friends)

No matter how much you enjoy the company of your friends, it’s probably a good idea to stay in touch with your yogi self and turn off your phone. No social media, no messaging, no emails — just you, the sand, and the sea. This will help you stay focused on your practice and avoid distractions (as well as receive fewer texts and calls). Plus, it will make you feel more relaxed and less stressed out while you’re away from your computer and other devices.

Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Sometimes, practicing yoga by yourself can be challenging. Or you might just feel like you need some support. If you’re going to a public place like the beach or park, feel free to ask a friend to come along with you. It may be that you need a little help with the poses or just a friendly push to get you moving. But don’t be shy! Ask!


The beach is a perfect place to relax, get a good workout, and learn new yoga poses. Whether you’re looking to sweat it out or take those postures to the next level, the following tips will help you get started on the right foot. Beaches are where the action is! It’s hard to believe, but the waves are pretty playful here in California. You can find some of the best yoga spots on the west coast, where you can enjoy these poses in the sand while cuddling up with your yoga friends.


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